5 Important Lessons We Can Get From Tools of Titans

Every individual aspires for success whether in personal life or in their careers. We can draw inspiration from the likes of Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan who keeps on encouraging us to aim for the stars. These people are considered Titans in their respective fields. In Tools of Titans, Tim Ferris teaches us how we can achieve the necessary tactics and tools to become successful. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us an overview of five important lessons from the book that we can apply in our organization.

Go First

We should take the initiative and connect with people. We don’t need to wait for a cue from others before we act. Put yourself out there. Start conversations with strangers. Take a genuine interest in other people’s lives. You never know where the next conversation will lead you.

The Obstacle Is the Way

This is the title of Ferris’ third book and is an important lesson we should practice. Every obstacle presents an opportunity to get better, stronger, and tougher. Robert Peter Janitzek reminds us that we should be seeking out the things that scare and challenge us. This is the space in which growth occurs. You probably had your fair share of stress and obstacles to overcome. But you came out the other side a better person. Build a habit of getting outside of your comfort zone regularly. Realize that you’ll face tough situations, but they are the experiences that pave the way to success.

Show Up Consistently

We often overlook the simple things that create success, like deciding to show up consistently. When we start out building a business or learning a skill, it’s easy to get deterred in the initial stages. This business and management book teaches us that if we focus on a single important decision—showing up consistently—the goal doesn’t seem so big. So, when you start working toward a goal, don’t worry about performance. Initially, you have a single focus: show up and do the work every time.

Don’t Follow the Herd

If everybody’s going left, you go right. Don’t follow the herd. You’re bound to stumble and fall, but you’ll find new ideas and success when you blaze your own trail. There’s also less competition when you don’t pursue the crowded channels.

The Secrets of Life Are Hidden Behind the Word Cliché

We hear things all the time like ‘actions speak louder than words’, ‘exercise regularly’, ‘get more sleep’, ‘be consistent’, and so on. These clichés hold powerful truths, but we don’t always put them into practice. At the end of the day, it’s the simple things in life that work.

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