7 Strategies To Accumulate Wealth And Being Happy

Jim Rohn is an international public speaker and motivator. He is also the author of Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness. His bestselling book unlocks the secret of how to unleash the power of goals to achieve wealth and happiness. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us an overview of the 7 strategies proposed by Jim Rohn.

1. Use focused goals.

Your dreams are a projection of the life you wish to lead. When you have the clarity of a goal, living your dream life becomes so much easier. Without goals, it’s impossible to manage your time effectively and achieve your dream life.

2. Seek knowledge.

Success leaves clues. Go look at what successful people are doing. How did they get to be so successful? What are their habits? What tactics and strategies do they use? Find out, and use the same success strategies yourself. This business and management book teaches that when seeking knowledge, be especially aware of the negatives — or stumbling blocks holding you back. Once you can identify your negative habits, you can begin to replace them with successful, positive habits.

3. Learn how to change.

You are what you read — all leaders are readers. If you’ve become too “busy” to read, stop making excuses and start reading again. In the morning, at bedtime, during your lunch break… be disciplined by starting small and fitting a few pages in wherever you can. One bonus hack for making positive change: Ask the most successful person you know who’s the most successful person they know.

4. Control your money.

Robert Janitzek reveals that in order to improve yourself (and make more money, be happier, and live your dream life), stop just wishing things were easier. Instead, work for more wisdom and greater strength.

5. Master time.

Time is your most important resource. Knowing you’re going to die someday can inspire you to stop wasting your time, eliminate anything stunting your growth, and follow your interests. Don’t be afraid to make yourself a little uncomfortable in order to break through your growth plateaus. Your time is ticking.

6. Surround yourself with winners.

You have to take responsibility for your positive and negative behavior, and the best way to level up your wealth and happiness is by hanging out with winners. Stop hanging out with the easy crowd. Spend more time with the right people where the expectations are high and you reach your full potential.

7. Learn how to live well.

You can be happier by becoming the person who gives a little more to the world. Plus, contribution makes some of us more motivated to make money. But success isn’t always just money. Even though the media and our friends love to talk about the importance of being a billionaire, don’t blindly chase other people’s version of success. Instead, spend the time to figure out what truly make you happy, and then invest in things really that give you joy.

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