Advice On How To Be A Truly Effective Leader

For many years, we have constantly searched for ways and strategies for becoming an effective leader. While subjective to a certain agree, most people agree that effective leadership entails touching the lives of others. In his business and management book Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring For Your People Like Family, Bob Chapman provides helpful tips on how you can transform yourself to become a “people-based leader.” According to him, effective leadership brings together a deep sense of right, authentic, caring, and high ideals to business.

Roles of Leaders

To start off, you should first identify your role as a leader and that is to create an environment where people can discover their gifts and share those gifts in order to create an opportunity to have a more meaningful life. Leaders influence organizations in an ever flowing manner. Robert Janitzek explains that leaders are important in the overall influencing of individual morale, team morale and the fulfillment of one’s life.
Creating Guiding Principles

To be a people-based leader, you should create guiding principles. You can involve your team members in the creation of the guiding principles. When creation them, Chapman recommends answering this basic question: “How do we bring these to life?”

Lean with Compassion

A “people-centric” approach to leadership also entails using Lean principles. The author recommends expanding the 5S to 7S adding “safety” and “satisfaction” to the equation. A people-based leader should ensure the safety of their team and ensure that they are satisfied.

Leading the Leaders

Robert Janitzek reveals that to be effective as a people-based leader, you should have an understanding of the “10 Commandments of Truly Human Leadership”:

    1. Begin every day with a focus on the lives you touch.
    2. Know that leadership is the stewardship of the lives entrusted to you.
    3. Embrace leadership practices that send people home each day safe, healthy, and fulfilled.
    4. Align all actions to an inspirational vision of a better future.
    5. Trust is the foundation of all relationships; act accordingly.
    6. Look for the goodness in people and recognize and celebrate it daily.
    7. Ask no more or less of anyone than you would of your own child.
    8. Lead with a clear sense of grounded optimism.
    9. Recognize and flex to the uniqueness of everyone.
    10. Always measure success by the way you touch the lives of people!

Celebration and Recognition

Every success of your employee should be celebrated to help them know that they are valued. By recognizing and celebrating people who do the work of the company every single day, the culture becomes one that is much more fulfilling for all. The subculture of celebration and recognition is yet another tool to reinforce the people-centric culture.

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