Are You A Strength-Based Leader?

Strength Based Leadership is a business and management book written by New York Times bestselling author Tom Rath and renowned leadership consultant Barry Conchie. The book is the result of a 30-year research project involving Gallup scientists. The team studied more than 1 million work teams, conducted over 200,000 in-depth interviews with leaders as well as 10,000 followers.

The book discusses the results of the Gallup research. More than 7 million have taken Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment, including the #1 international bestseller StrengthsFinder 2.0. Based on their discoveries, the book identifies three keys to being a more effective leader: knowing your strengths and investing in others’ strengths, getting people with the right strengths on your team, and understanding and meeting the four basic needs of those who look to you for leadership. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us a rundown of the four domains of strength-based leaders.

The Four Domains of Leadership Strength

As Gallup studied and worked with thousands of leadership teams, they found that while each member had his or her own unique strengths, the most cohesive and successful teams possessed broader groupings of strengths. From this dataset, four distinct domains of leadership strength emerged: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking.


Leaders with dominant strength in the Executing domain know how to make things happen. When you need someone to implement a solution, these are the people who will work tirelessly to get it done. Robert Janitzek reveals that leaders with a strength to execute have the ability to “catch” an idea and make it a reality.


Those who lead by Influencing help their team reach a much broader audience. People with strength in this domain are always selling the team’s ideas inside and outside the organization. When you need someone to take charge, speak up, and make sure your group is heard, look to someone with the strength to influence.

Relationship Building

Those who lead through Relationship Building are the essential glue that holds a team together. Without these strengths on a team, in many cases, the group is simply a composite of individuals. In contrast, leaders with exceptional Relationship Building strength have the unique ability to create groups and organizations that are much greater than the sum of their parts.

Strategic Thinking

Leaders with great Strategic Thinking strengths are the ones who keep us all focused on what could be. They are constantly absorbing and analyzing information and helping the team make better decisions. People with strength in this domain continually stretch our thinking for the future.

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