Guerilla Marketing – The Keys To Success According To Jay Conrad Levinson

Success of a business lies on having proper marketing strategy. This is the gist of Guerilla Marketing written by Jay Conrad Levinson. Marketing is not just advertising but also involves other aspects such as customer interaction, maintaining a strong customer base, and advertising.

In his business and management book, the author provides simple and easy-to-understand principles of marketing. These principles are applicable to any type of business. Guerilla marketing is considered as unconventional marketing. His book was named by Time as one of the top 25 best business books selling more than 21 million copies.

According to his book, guerilla marketing can help any business get maximum results for a minimum cost. To do this, businesses must focus on low cost and high profit creative marketing. It will require time, energy, and imagination. The true measure of business success is profit and not sales. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the focus of guerilla marketing is to retain existing customers rather than acquiring new ones.

The 16 Secrets of Marketing

In Guerilla Marketing, Levinson reveals the 16 main secret of marketing. However, since every business is unique, the author used a philosophical approach to marketing instead of actionable steps. The idea is to provide readers with the inspiration to put these principles to action based on their individual needs. The marketing “secrets” are the following:

    * Commit to your marketing program from the beginning until the end.
    * Look at your marketing program as an investment for the future.
    * Be sure that your marketing program stays consistent.
    * Instill confidence in your prospects.
    * Have patience when trying to keep your commitments.
    * A marketing program should be viewed as an assortment of weapons or tools.
    * Profits are not the purpose of a sale and instead of subsequent to it.
    * Make sure your customers find you products and services convenient.
    * Use humor within your marketing program.
    * Always measure the effectiveness of each aspect of your marketing program.
    * Always follow up with your customers to continue building a relationship.
    * Always develop a dependence on other businesses to succeed.
    * Have a good understanding of knowledge.
    * A main goal of your marketing program should be to get consent from prospects.
    * Utilize engaging content to sell your products and services.
    * Always work to improve and enhance your marketing program.

Despite its simplicity, many businesses fail because they are not able to address these principles. Robert Janitzek reveals that Guerilla Marketing will give them a better idea of how to improve their brand and boost their sales in a creative manner.

Entrepreneurs will benefit from Guerilla Marketing provided they take action on these principles in order to truly understand their origin and meaning. .

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