How To Hire New Employees For Attitude

Hiring for Attitude is a business and management book written by Mark Murphy. He is the founder and CEO of Leadership IQ, a top-ranking provider of cutting-edge research and leadership training. His programs yielded remarkable results for companies like Microsoft, IBM, MasterCard, AstraZeneca, and others. In his book, Murphy explains the reasons new hires fail so quickly and why soft skills are important now.

Why New Hires Fail Quickly?

According to a 2012 research conducted by Leadership IQ tracking 20,000 new hires, 46% of them failed in the first 18 months. The failure rate was even more surprising with about 89% of new hires failing because of attitude problem and 11% failed for lack of skill. Robert Janitzek explains that employers often hire for skill and talent. While the new employee may have the skills, they may not necessarily be beneficial to the company. Mark Murphy contradicts this traditional practice and says that employers should hire for attitude.

According to Murphy, an employee may have great talent but is not fit into your business culture. They will often question company policy and their role in your firm. Murphy says that employees should not act like “loose cannons” that should be feared all the time. Companies usually hire someone who they believe will be beneficial to your business but after a short period of time, Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that their attitude turns out to be destructive to customers.

Mark Murphy reveals that the world of hiring has changed radically. Now, most organizations are now hiring people with the right skills and the right attitude.

How To Hire For Attitude

The book outlines in detail how to source and identify great talent to hire with attitude. For example the book talks about the five biggest reasons why new hires fail:

    • Two quick and easy tests to discover the attitudinal characteristics needed to fit in with your company’s unique culture.
    • A five-part interview question that gets candidates to reveal the truth about what their last boss really thinks of them.
    • Where great companies really find their best candidates.
    • Six words most interviewers add to the end of behavioral interview questions that destroy their effectiveness.

This book will change the way you think about, approach and conduct interviews during the hiring process. It works for hiring janitorial staff and receptionists to titles at the very top tier of an organization. It is costly and time consuming to invest in new employees. Why not take steps to insure the best candidate really does get hired?

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