How To Master The Compound Effect And Become Successful

Everyone wants to be successful. While some are able to achieve it, for others success seems to be elusive. Written by Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect provides people with tips on how to become successful. In his business and management book, Hardy demonstrates that anyone can become successful by implementing good habits over time, anyone can achieve goals and can gain success in their lives.

The Compound Effect

The compound effect is a strategy of getting huge success or rewards from small seemingly insignificant actions. People can’t improve on something until and unless they don’t measure it. Every person should take 100 percent responsibility for things that happen to them. Consistency is the ultimate key to success.


Small actions can lead you to huge rewards and outcome. You can win any competition at any time, not because you are the best, smartest, or the fastest. Robert Janitzek explains that you will become successful and win because of your positive habits. The compound effect will give you huge rewards and that too with small subtle actions, actions will be so small that you won’t feel the pain, and compound effect will not only related to your work or professional life but will help you to improve any relationship and also plays vital role in improving your health.


Our choices can take us to our goals or can give us wrong direction or way. Everything which you have at this moment is because of your choices. They are the actual root of your results. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that every choice you make at first starts with your behavior and then ultimately become a habit. Hence if you make poor choices, then ultimately you increase your chances of making harder choices. If you think of not making any choice at all then you will ultimately choose to go with the flow and you just make a choice of becoming a passive receiver of whatever comes your way.


Our habits should be made wisely. At the start it will look easy but as it becomes old it becomes tough and eventually, your habit will make your life. The business and management book tells us that we must establish the right habits—those that repeated over time take us in the right direction. We must look at everything we do consistently and determine if it is a habit that moves us towards or against what we want to achieve. We must create routines or systems of action that become beneficial habits over time.


What stands between you and your goal is your behavior. Darren said, “If you say you are a dedicated professional, but yet you show up late and unprepared, your behavior rats you out every time.” Do you need to stop doing things so the compound effect doesn’t take you in a downward spiral? Similarly, what do you need to start doing to change your trajectory so you are headed in the right direction? As you consider your goals, what behaviors may be sabotaging your success?

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