Lessons Learned From Everybody Matters by Bob Chapman

Most businesses are constantly in search for an effective leader. There is always a notion that a leader is someone who can touch the life of other people. It is from this belief that Bob Chapman’s business and management book “Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family” is based. At age 30, Bob Chapman became Chief Executive Officer at Barry-Wehmiller after the death of his father. As CEO, he developed the idea of “Truly Human Leadership.”

The Importance of Leaders

At the start of this book, Chapman emphasizes the importance of leaders in any business. According to Chapman, leaders influence the success of others. In addition, they also influence the organization in an ever flowing manner. Everybody Matters tackles the importance of leaders in influencing employee and team morale.

Guiding Principles In Truly Human Leadership

One major step in a “Truly Human” leadership is creating guiding principles. Chapman said that team members must be involved in the creation of guiding principles. Robert Janitzek reveals that by creating guiding principles, businesses will be able to create a people-centric culture.

Lean with Compassion

For Chapman, continuous improvement is possible using Lean principles. At Barry-Wehmiller, the 5S is expanded into 7S namely “safety,” and “satisfaction.” According to Chapman, this will allow them to align their vision to a people-centric culture. In addition, their company emphasizes on “People AND Process.” This is all about bringing the “human element” to processes and ensuring that people benefit from process changes.

The 10 Commandments of Truly Human Leadership

To serve as guide and inspiration to leaders, Chapman devised and implemented what he called
The “10 Commandments of Truly Human Leadership.”:

    1. Begin every day with a focus on the lives you touch.
    2. Know that leadership is the stewardship of the lives entrusted to you.
    3. Embrace leadership practices that send people home each day safe, healthy, and fulfilled.
    4. Align all actions to an inspirational vision of a better future.
    5. Trust is the foundation of all relationships; act accordingly.
    6. Look for the goodness in people and recognize and celebrate it daily.
    7. Ask no more or less of anyone than you would of your own child.
    8. Lead with a clear sense of grounded optimism.
    9. Recognize and flex to the uniqueness of everyone.
    10. Always measure success by the way you touch the lives of people!

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