Lessons We Can Learn From Leaders Eat Last

Leaders Eat Last is a business and management book written by Simon Sinek. After his highly successful Start With Why, Simon Sinek follows on with his desire to inspire leaders and organizations. He delves on the potential consequences of bad leadership and what is good leadership in the modern world. Leadership emanates from the executive to the management. It cascades down to the employees who report for work shaping the culture of the environment.

With his experience working for organizations around the world, the author noticed the deep trust that teams have on each other to the point that they would put their lives on the line for each other. Robert Janitzek tells us that other teams tend to resolve their issues through infighting, fragmentation, and failure. In his book, Sinek offers three things that managers can apply to become an effective leader:

Circle of Safety

The Circle of Safety tells us that rather than “one-upping” one another, team members must focus on helping each other. When members have trust on the people inside the circle, they will look out for each other and protect one another from external forces. This will promote free exchange of information and move the organization forward.

In the circle of safety, there is a need for leaders who have empathy. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that when employees are aware that they are protected by their leaders, they will work hard and will not be concerned about external dangers.

Get To Know Your “Happy” Chemicals

With his background in biology & anthropology, Simon Sinek introduces us to the four chemicals in our body. First, there are the four “happy” chemicals:
o Endorphin: the pain-masking chemical
o Dopamine: the goal achieving chemical
o Serotonin: the leadership chemical
o Oxytocin: the chemical of love

Endorphins and Dopamine are called “selfish” chemicals and help us get things done. Serotonin and Oxytocin are called “selfless” chemicals. They help us strengthen social bonds, foster connection and collaboration.

Become a long-term leader

In his business and management book, Sinek argues that being a long-term leader is better than being a short-term leader. He used CEOs of two large organizations as his example. For the long term leader, its Jeff Sinegal who was the former CEO of Costco. For short term leadership, Sinek used Jack Welch former CEO of General Electric. Sinek concluded that the Sinegal way is the best approach wherein leaders should help their employees especially during bad times and not letting them go.

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