Lessons We Can Learn From Rework by Jason Fried and David Hansson

Rework is a business and management book written by entrepreneurs Jason Fried and David Hansson. The authors teaches the harmful effects of business plans as well as the reasons businesses do not need outside investors. In this book, Fried and Hansson demonstrate a better and easier way for businesses to become successful.
Using straightforward language and easy-is approach, Rework is a collection of the best ideas that contributed to their companies becoming role models for other firms. The book redefines the rules of business to suit the realities of success in the 21st century.

Contrary Advice

Most of the advice in the book is contrary to the standard business lessons in other books. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that Fried and Hansson believe that writing the actions in a business plan is actually unnecessary and wasteful. According to the authors, with so much information up in the air, creating a long term business plan will be a futile attempt to grip sand in your fist.

In addition, the book explains that instead of occupying themselves with company growth, leaders should focus on finding the right size for their companies. The authors also tell us that premature expansion could often lead to downsizing. Firing good people results to damage in the morale and productivity of those who were left behind. Robert Janitzek explains that rather than growth, businesses should work for sustainability and profitability.

Focus on the Right Things

When it comes to exit strategy, the authors point out that businesses should instead focus on serving their customers when getting started rather than worry about who will buy the company. The authors talk about getting priorities straight. In addition, they also teach that business leaders should show commitment to their business, people, and customers rather than selling out.

Rework features a pithy format offering reader short, powerful messages that have been reduced to their leanest and most important facts. Fried and Hansson offers valuable and experienced-based advice in small and effective packages. This business and management book provides the inspiration that modern companies need to become successful.

Finally, Rework shows the proper way businesses can stop talking and start working. The book guides businesses on how to increase their productivity as well as the methods of getting exposure in an affordable manner. This book is ideal for businesses who dream of making it big on their own as well as for small businesses.

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