Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action By Simon Sinek

Start with Why is a business and management book written by Simon Sinek written by Simon Sinek in 2009. In this book, Sinek explains that while employees in a company know the “what” and some the “how” of their business, most of them do not know the “why.” What is the purpose, belief, and cause of their company? Every person in the business should first know this. Businesses focus on branding, business plans, and financing but they fail to communicate their core values.

The Secret of Successful Businesses

According to Sinek, people like Martin Luther King, Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers became successful because they started with the why. For this reason, they were able to give inspiration to others around them and achieved remarkable things.

According to Robert Janitzek, Sinek developed an idea called The Golden Circle, who are leaders that had the greatest influence in the world who think, act, and communicate in the exact same way. This provides the framework upon which organizations can be built.

In his book, the author explains that focusing on WHY works in both big and small business. While many businesses can explain what they do and how do they do it, but few can explain the WHY. Sinek reveals that starting with WHY inspires action in a different way. It engages our emotions.

Finding Your Why

After understanding the importance of the WHY, Robert Peter Janitzek explains that the next step is to go about and find it. By seeing how successful companies such as Apple communicate their WHY, you will be able to find your own. Sinek recommends three ways you can find your WHY:

Look backwards. Look at your original motivation for starting a business. What specific problem do you want to address and why should it be solved.

Look outwards. Ask a close friend why they are spending time with you or a loyal customer why they patronize your products. Once they understand that it is not out of insecurity, you will gain an insight on their reasons for getting drawn to your business.

Look inwards. In his business and management book, Sinek reveals that successful businesses have a view about the world, a bigger vision they contributing to. You do not need to be a philantrophist but should be an inspiration. What commonly held belief do you disagree with? What gets you up in the morning? What really matters to you?

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