Tips On Becoming A Positive Leader And Influence Your People

Now more than ever, organizations need positive leaders who can make a difference. Difficult times call for leaders who are up to the challenge. In The Power of Positive Leadership, Jon Gordon shows how to bring positive leadership into your organization. The business and management book is filled with practical ideas that will help anyone become a positive leader.

Positive Leaders Drive Positive Cultures

Positive leaders create and live a positive culture. They do not only show and talk about the way but also lead the way.

Positive Leaders Create and Share a Positive Vision

A positive leader needs to carry a telescope and a microscope. The telescope helps the leader and his team keep their eyes on the North Star (the vision) and the big picture. The microscope helps the leader to zoom in and focus on what needs to be accomplished in the short-term to realize the vision in the telescope.

Positive Leaders Lead with Optimism, Positivity, and Belief

Robert Janitzek says that optimism, positivity, and belief are the fuel that positive leaders need to keep moving forward and drive results. If you don’t have optimism and belief, you can’t share it. If you don’t have it, you can’t transform your team and organization with it. It starts first and foremost with you.

Positive Leaders Confront, Transform, and Remove Negativity

Positive leadership is not just about feeding the positive, but also about weeding out the negative. One of the biggest mistakes leaders make is that they ignore the negativity within their team and organization. You must address the negativity. Confront it, transform it, or remove it.

Positive Leaders Create United and Connected Teams

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that positive leaders unite instead of divide. They are able to get everyone on the bus and moving in the right direction. They are able to create unity, which is the difference between a great team and an average team.

Positive Leaders Build Great Relationships and Teams

Positive leaders care about the people they lead. They care about their team and organization. . .Because they care, they do more, give more, encourage more, help more, guide more, mentor more, develop more, build more, and ultimately, accomplish more.

Positive Leaders Pursue Excellence

Positive leaders are always searching for ways to make things and the future better. They’re constantly striving to improve themselves, their teams, their organizations, and the world.

Positive Leaders Lead with Purpose

Every great organization must have a greater purpose for why they exist and every positive leader must be driven by purpose to lead others and make a greater impact.

Positive Leaders Have Grit

Positive leaders have grit and find a way to navigate the roadblocks or run through them to move closer to their vision and goal.

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