Tips On How To Eliminate Distractions And Become More Productive

Deep Work is a business and management book written by Carl Newport. It teaches us how to become more productive in less time by focusing and eliminating distractions. According to Newport, deep work is valuable regardless of your profession. The type of focus that Newport teaches does not require longer hours. In the end, you will derive more satisfaction from your work. Aside from the importance of deep work, readers will also learn about some science-backed methods of focusing.

Important Takeaways from The Book

In Deep Work, readers will be able to learn three important lessons:
1. Deep work will produce massive benefits
2. Practice being bored
3. Quit social media

Deep work will produce massive benefits

With the influx of technology, it is so easy for people to get distracted and lose focus on their work. Also, people have the tendency to multi-task, they shift their focus on one task to the next. Robert Janitzek reveals that deep work will allow them to focus so they produce more results.

People who do deep work are rare so if you can do it, you give yourself an advantage. There is a need for deep work given the tons of distractions in the workplace. It also requires 5 minutes of your time but it will result to hours of productivity.

Practice being bored

In today’s high technology world, life without smartphones can be boring. According to Newport, you need to stop looking at your smartphone every now and then. It should be done on a daily basis. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that when we look at our smartphones all the time, we lose our ability to focus.

Deep Work teaches us to practice boredom. When traveling on a bus or plane, you should just look around. Resist the urge to check social media. This may be difficult but you will be doing yourself a favor and will learn to focus.

Quit social media

We always start the day logging in to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. It will only take a few minutes to check your wall or update your status. However, you will receive notifications and updates and the process never stops. It is so addicting that your attention shifts to social media. So Newport recommends quitting social media or at least minimizing its use.

Aside from realizing the benefits of deep work, practicing being bored, and quitting social media, you will also read about the following from the Deep Work book:
• Focusing on the hard things
• Busyness doesn’t always equal to productivity
• Set aside blocks of time for deep work
• The importance of improving your memory skills
• Schedule every minute of your day

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