Webb’s Have A Good Day Provide Advice On How To Overcome Stress in The Workplace

Given the various stress and challenges in the workplace, it is rather difficult to have a nice day. Luckily, Caroline Webb has written a business and management book that can help us overcome the different workplace obstacles and end up with a nice day. There are many setbacks, stressors, and mishaps that can keep us from having a good day.

Have a Good Day: Harness the Power of Behavioral Science to Transform Your Working Lifewas written by former McKinsey consultant Caroline Webb. In her book, she uses advances in the fields of behavioral science, psychology, and neuroscience to help us overcome and mitigate all the factors that can ruin our day. She discusses three scientific advances which can prove crucial to the creation of a good day.

The Systems of the Brain

In this business and management book, Webb introduces the two-system brain. According to her, there are two opposing systems in the brain—the deliberate and the automatic. The former is the conscious thinking which is slow and rational. The latter, on the other hand, is the subconscious which is fast and instinctive. The deliberate system is the calculating one while the automatic makes us jump back before getting hit by a car.

In mind-body loop, the mind and body is interrelated in ways that we are not aware of. The third system is the discover-defend axis. The defensive end is the one that expects sudden attacks while the discovery axis seeks out rewards.

Seven Building Blocks of a Good Day

Webb’s business and management book also discusses the seven building blocks of a good day—priorities, productivity, relationship, thinking, influence, resilience, and energy. The book dedicates a section for each building block. The section for productivity, for instance, tackles overload and procrastination.

Throughout the book, the author carefully links the science she introduced to each building block. Take the case of productivity, down time is necessary in order for the brain to rest. It is also needed because neuroscientists have discovered that the subconscious brain will keep on functioning even if the conscious brain is resting.

Having a bad day is normal because they are beyond our control. With Webb’s business and management book, we can learn how to control our minds and bodies in order to transform our day into a good one. Have a Good Day: Harness the Power of Behavioral Science to Transform Your Working Lifeis highly recommended for individuals who want to end their day happy and contented.

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